Saturday, February 26, 2011

Birthdays are so much fun!!!

I love birthdays! Especially when they are mine. But, this isn't about me, today, is my big sisters birthday. She is 18 years old! Honestly, it kind of feels a little weird. Last night we had her birthday party. It was an Old Hollywood theme so most of the people that showed up were dressed up like, of course, Old Hollywood. It was tons of fun. So many of her friends showed up to the party and had a blast! She got so many great presents. Her friends know her so well, to the point where they seriously knew what to get her! Not to mention, me. Her younger sister. I got her..... the Complete First Season of GLEE!!! She was so excited! I knew she would love it. Anyways, after she opened her presents (or before. i don't quite remember), three of her friends from school each shoved a cupcake in her face!!!! It was priceless!!! Well, that's all for now fellow bloggers. Until next time.

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